File suddenly not opening - error message

A blender file I was working on suddenly stopped opening. Also, if I have blender open and try to open the file, blender quits suddenly. It was the last file I worked on. I’m able to open previous blender files so I don’t understand what the problem is. This is the error I keep getting.

Anyone have a clue how to fix this?

It’s possible you’ve run out of memory. Graphics programs require a lot of memory & processor power.

How big is the file?

It’s weird because I rendered the project a few times without a problem, and luckily before I had to deliver it. But now the file just won’t open. It doesn’t even open Blender, unlike other projects. It’s 307MB. I can open another project that is 3.9G and it’s fine. The file must be corrupted.

Maybe you could try appending pieces of the file one at a time to find out what’s causing the error.