File Synching?

Anyone know anything about file synching?

I’m asking because I have a folder where I store reference images for modelling projects on my laptop.

I also have this on my desktop. So sometimes when I’m on either computer I’ll add a new folder to one of the computers. I don’t want to have to keep changing them manually. I would like to have some kind of program that scans each folder, looks for changes (i.e., new folders, additions, deletions), and uploads and downloads files and folders to keep the directory structure the same.

I believe this is called file synching, so I’ve been looking at some synching program. The best one so far seems to be Allway Sync, but I don’t have time to test it just yet.

Is that what I’m looking for and does anyone have any recommended programs?



if you’re using windows, doesn’t a briefcase do the same thing?
right click —> new —> briefcase

If you are on windows use from Microsoft or

Um, no, that’s a zip file I believe. Also I have XP AND Vista.:stuck_out_tongue:

And vista doesn’t seem to have the ‘briefcase’ thing anymore.

EDIT: Just looked up briefcase on wikipedia. Interesting, I had always thought it was a zip thing but never used it.

                   If you are on windows use []( from Microsoft or

Thanks, I’ll check it out.