File using up most of memory

All of a sudden my blend file takes up way too much memory, it’s not even a big file. If I open task manager it shows it’s over 2,200 mb of memory. It was before in the 200-400 mb range. The file is less than 30,000 faces. I know it’s the file. If I open another blend file, it doesn’t do this. Even when the blend file is larger. Anyone know why this is happening?

Here is the blend file.

Ehhhh, I don’t know for sure since you didn’t enable pack external to file before saving and uploading this file. My theory would be that your image file is being used as a HDRI image and that’s causing so much RAM usage, then again it could be anything.

Texture mode loads the images into ram… dont use textured mode if you dont want high ram usage.