File version control

I am working on a large project that uses many blender files which consist of catagories such as models, animations, etc. Does anyone know of an open source program that would let me check blender files in and out to keep up with what version the file is in? I have been using the nomenclature of let’s say, props_glassbowl_001.blend, where the _001 is the version. If I make a major change, I want to be able to keep the current version, and have a new version of the new changes. The reason I want this automated, is that other people may be handling this same file, and I need them to know that the file is Checked out already.


when in the Save Blend file menu (F2), press + or - on the numpad to increase or decrease the version number.

Also, a good way to always have the latest version in all the files is to link the objects from a Master File. Linking an object works just like appending one (Shift-F1), but you have to click the Link button instead. Linked objects are automaticly updated when the Master File is updated.