File wont work after transferring to another computer

So i have been working on a game on my laptop it is a 32- bit dell inspiron 1521 using 2.63 version of blender for convenience. I was planing on posting a video of what i had done so far on blender artist but my laptop has problems running a screen capture program at the same time so I transferred my file to my 64 custom built desktop with blender 2.4 when i do none of the commands work the ive done all of the game logic using logic bricks and have done this before with no problems. So does anyone know why this is happening or am i going to have to do all of the logic over again?

Version 2.63 has many features that 2.4 does not have and a lot of the basic architecture has changed as well. In general, you cannot move a .blend from a higher version to a lower version and expect it to work. You will have to install 2.63 on your desktop if you want to run your .blend there.

Do I understand right, you want to open a .blend from blender 2.63 with blender 2.4? or is it a typo?

What commands you are talking about?

It would be from a lower version to a higher version and as i have said its worked for me before. I was hoping that there might be a something that is known to cause this.

It is also known that you cannot take a 2.4 blend and run it on 2.5+ since there were major changes done to Blender between those versions. You are still going to have to run the same version of Blender on both computers.

A common way is to open/save with some intermediate versions. Blender usually supports migration from one version to the next higher one. Skipping a version might miss data conversion.

As far as I know you do not really need all versions, but it is hard to tell which one is necessary for your specific problem.

I still do not know what you mean with “commands”. I guess you use the pre-2.49 Python code. As the Python API got a major change with 2.49 I suggest to run the game with 2.49 and fix all the deprecation errors. Then open with a 2.5 or 2.6 version and fix the errors coming from Python2/3 incompatibility (mostly print with parenthesis).