Filename of the blend file

Hello everybody,
is it possible to get the filename of the blend file under bge at execution time ? (without bpy)

I don’t know how… i only can find this about the path of the folder in which the blend file is.

But, could you store the name of blend file in a property inside of an known object and read it at execution time?

Just now I do not know this.

Why do you need to know about?

Thank you Lokki and Monster.
That’s for making generic functions like “load/save game” for example. I’ve seen many examples which don’t use the filename of the blend file.
My second question was: is it possible to get arguments like:
blenderplayer myblendfile.blen arg1 arg… argn ?


import sys
print ("Name of the blend file is "+sys.argv[1])

This will function only if launched by “blenderplayer filename.blend” or “blender filename.blend”.