files needed to test export

I would like to get some files of cars, planes, characters etc. To test compatibility of Blender export with my CAD/CAM software. I am in the process of designing scale helicopter bodies for the line of RC Helicopters my company manufactures. I have done searches on this forum already for exporting and exporters as well as importing files. If I can get Blender to export cleanly I want to use it for development of these bodies. But if I can’t then I will be going with another brand of software.
I currently own every book and CD that the Blender foundation has sold over the years. I have been folowing Blender for a while but this is the first real application I need it for and would like to see it be a successful adventure.
If any one has some objects in .blend files I can experiment with exporting and importing into my CAM package that would be great. I don’t need texture’s just surfaces to make sure I can get all of it to come in cleanly.
File extensions my CAM software reads are:
If anyone has any ideas or similar experience that would be great.
Thanks in advacne,
Larry Fultz
Choppahedz LLC

Why don’t you try the sample files here: