Files refusing to Open

I started going back to some my older models I had. Now Blender is telling me “Incorrect File Format” on models that I use to open up all the time. They’re all still .blend files so I’m lost as to why it won’t let me open them.

Hi, please upload such a file, other user can test.
Please add more informations:
Your system specs
Blender version create files

Try to append objects to a new file.

Cheers, mib

I’m running a Intel i7 CPU 960 @3.20Ghz. 12GB memory. NVIDIA GeForce GTX 580 4GB memory.

I place the file here Forewarning, it is NSFW if you can get it to open.

I tried the append, it won’t even let me select the files. Other ones from other projects open just fine

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Okay okay I’ll actually help,
It’s possible that your file is corrupt in some way, happened to me

This did start up after I did a full Re-install of my HD. Perhaps the file became corrupt during transfers from the temp drive to this one :frowning: It has same issue with file on temp drive as well sadly. So do it’s earlier saved files.

I just tried it out on the files still on the Temp Drive, they still seem to function. Though I would like figure out what would of caused this to happen incase I don’t have other copies of a file

WHAT Operating system are you using ???

and HOW did you do this back up
what software?
what drive format?
( fat32 has a 4 gig max file size)

and HOW did you copy files from drive to drive ?
what commands were used ?

Windows 7
The backup as just simple copy over from one drive to another, no special software. I dn’t know the commands, it’s just drag and drop.