Filesystem check failed!

QTParted won’t resize my NTFS partition for Windows, and it says something like “Filesystem check failed! Totally 121 cluster accounting mismatches”. The only advice I have been offered so far is “defrag and run diskcheck”. So I did those, but neither helped. Any help will be appreciated.

Then your NTFS partition is FUBAR. The best thing to do copy all the important data you have to a backup disc and then format the entire drive. Create a section for windows at the beginning of the drive using windows setup and then create another partition that can then be used for presumably whatever OS you’re going to install there.

Mostly-random, non-related post:

I’m leaning toward a strong dislike of NTFS. Ever hear of streams?

seems like an interesting feature, pitty its half-assed implementation

the IIS issue has been fixed, recent version of nt have proper disk quotas, and fat32 SUCKS [reliability wise]

I ended up using a Windows program to do it. I had a couple other problem, but they were easily resolved now I am using Linux more than Mac or Windows. I am quite happy with it, and I’m learning some of the CLI.