Filiciss & Chromoly Are they OK?

Filiciss is a great Blender Builder, you can find his builds on Graphicall
Chromoly wrote many Patches & Scripts & Features that were available in Filliciss Builds.

Since the 10th March, the builds stopped.
I do know that:
on 10th March, Chromoly’s video’s were removed from somewhere, due to a problem with something.
Chromoly is also from Japan.
Filiciss has not posted on his twitter account, nor answered the many posts on Graphicall wondering where he is. (others are concerned too)

Does someone know if they are ok?

If they got tired of Blender or upset & left or busy with real life, maybe they will come back.
I for one would like to know if they are ok anyway.


Yeah - I was loving those Filiciss builds with everything new bundled in them. Hope they are ok.

I became very reliant on those builds as well. I hope they are OK.

I do hope that they are alive and well. It is totally understandable if they don’t have time to write at the moment, but it would be nice to know.

maybe they went to jail :stuck_out_tongue: for murder Dun DUn DUNNNNNNN

What is wrong with you?
Chromoly living in Japan, something terrible might have happened to him or someone in his family.
this is not something to joke about.

Im sure they are fine, Japan isnt a joke, but its not really the worst place in the world either…
Look, everyone needs a break once in a while, they have lives of thier own, they barely even know whoever is downloading thier builds, why should they inform you of thier living status? Or of thier lives at all? who exactly told anyone that he lived in japan? was it found on his site? if so, then he obviously was only placing it their for business opportunities, not for random people to go, Hey this guy lives here! although it may look bad, remember, Andrew Price abandoned his site for almost 4 months at one point, people were going crazy!!! but it turned out he was just working on a major animation and getting some stuff straight in his life…

My whole point, maybe they dont want to have to answer to you, and themselves…they have lives of thier own, people come and go, but if you freak out everytime someone leaves, then theres a bigger chance they wont come back (they like…man these people are crazy…cant i just take a few weeks off damn!!! i work my ass off here!!!)

has anyone entertained this thought?

They are some of the best builds of blender on graphicall, maybe theyre taking part in the Summer Of Code challenge and are just readying up for it?..geez, dont act like a lost puppy…I love thier builds, but im not going to worship the very ground they walk on for it…

If they live in Tokyo like me, probably they are ok, but, of course, we are a bit stressed for a “little” problem at 250km from here called “fukushima nuclear reactors” :frowning:

So, I’m courious to know where the live.


@Evil Moon M0ose, i think you completely miss the reason people are going crazy.
it’s not just because they want new builds, it’s because people are worried about others when contact is broken.

Evil, you are a real “Asso”!!!

I hope everyone is OK over there. .;( the japanese are hard core, they just go about their daily lives it seems. saw a picture of a demolished highway, 6 days later same highway 100% restored!

so there’s hope.

@ Evil Moon MOose
did you accidentally miss THIS

look at the dates and draw your own conlusions. i sure hope they’re okay.

what really sucks is I think a lot of us would like to do something, but have no clue how we can help…I really hope, if anyone has contact with these 2 they can get some info, a simple “They are fine” or “they are assisting families” would be fine…on the other hand, if they are in need, if someone had a way, I would gladly give…these are real people, not just avatars.

Evil Moon MOose next time inform youself before posting. Japan was hit by a big disaster and still is a big disaster for whole world you live in. You are on Mars os Moon or something ? There it is the risk of radiation to leak in the ocean …next time you eat fish can be the last one of his species.

All word must go to use Solar Energy and leave away consuption of nature and all thing on earth , the Sun is free and it is burning in the sky free and it is like that and it will be for milion of years. That is not valid for Earth resources that are depleated and killing the planet ecosistem making eathquake and floods more prone.

The maker of Toyota , Sony Playstation / Phones , Wacom have Headquarters in Japan … I don think there it is in the world someone to don`t have something produced in Japan in his house!

Prayers for both, I really hope they are just preoccupied with the disaster and trying to cope.

So…still no news?

no news,
I had hoped for a better response here.

mumble mumble …


P.S: Hope to be true!

There was just another quake in Japan.

From CNN:
Workers evacuate Fukushima Daiichi nuclear plant after 7.4-magnitude quake, Tokyo Electric Power Company says.