Filigree Ring

Couple of original design filigree rings
done with YafRay (still a tad new to it, C&C welcome)

If it doesnt show or you want to leave a comment on DA feel free to try

cheers, merry christmas and a happy new year

gr8 work…i have 2 just envy u people…such beautiful art…i am just learning modelling in blender…so how did u get those beautiful plant shapes around the ring? Did u map them and then extrude them or by which way…i am confused??

Really nice! I love the leaves around the outside! Keep it up.


:slight_smile: thank you for the kind words

chela69; This was modeled as a flat band - then I used the warp tool (shift-W, 360 degrees) to make it into the ring.
Theres 24 odd segments around the band for a smooth curved shape and sub-surf level 3 (which also makes the leaves nice and smooth and the surfaces more regular)

thanks again

That’s an interesting technique. Thanks for sharing!

The modeling is very realistic, and I don’t see a single problem with it. The metallic texture contrasts very well with the black material. However, you should tone down the inner reflection’s fresnel values a bit.

thanx a lot 4 the tip…people like u r god’s gift w us newbies…will definitely try out u r technique…one more thing…were the pattern bezier curves and extruded in the flat band?

chela69; Its just a mesh - when i tried deforming the curves into a ring the faces and edges werent quite right somehow

very nice work!!..why don’t you render it with more AA??