Hey guys, I could use some help here.
I want to create a filigree pattern, then wrap it around a 3D shape. Several steps are stumping me, so I’ll just start with the first one. Can I take the 1 dimensional lines of the design and expand them into surfaces? To understand what I mean look at the jpg. In it you will see the line drawing, as well as a manually created filigree pattern that I created with a ridiculous amount of work. What I’m asking now is, can I easily turn the line drawing into something like the graphic pattern below it? The idea is that I would like to easily edit the filigree while it is made of bezier curves, then quickly expand the lines into surfaces.

You could give the curves some Bevel Depth in the Curve/Geometry Settings with ‘Fill’ set to ‘Full’ and a ‘Geometry Resolution’ of 0 (not the ‘Shape Resolution’; turn that one up…). When you are satisfied with the width (depth editing) in top view, convert the curves into geometry (Alt C), delete the lower part of the geo and scale the remaining vertices in z axis to 0 in order to flatten the geo.

Before converting into geo, make a copy of the curve pattern in case you want to edit it again.

Better that you should integrate a vector editor like Inkscape into this workflow to make things extremely simple. Design your curves in inkscape, then give it a stroke of width as you like, then convert the strokes to a path which will give you an outline, then union them into one object which removes all the overlaps. Then save it and import the svg into blender, convert to mesh and you will have it, and if you save the SVG file in various versions you can experiment with tapering strokes, round end caps and lots of things that would look nice in a filigree but would be tedious to do in Blender’s curve editing environment.
If you go this route be sure to check out spiro paths in Inkscape! Those curls are a snap to do.

another way
I see lot’s of spiral in there and it is symmetrical X Y
so you could add spiral mesh to fit big and small spiral
then use the skin modifier m mirror in X Y ect

more then one way to do it here

happy bl