Fill color erases strokes

When making a 2d animation I draw a circle and fill the circle with a color, when doing so some of the stroke/outline of the circle is erased. The problem seems to get even worse when I have scaled the circle (smaller or bigger). Any suggestions?

If you want to guide me towards some tutorial or link collection regarding questions of this nature, go right ahead.
Please help me to fill objects with colors without the stroke being erased!

P.S Im using the paint bucket tool to fill the circle with color

I think you should check out the Leak Size of your tool,
also try check the draw in the back option, that will always preserve the outer line cause your fill would be draw under it. :slight_smile:

thank you Andrea for taking the time to send me a response to my question. I have already found the answer, it was (rather embarassing really) simply the fact that the color layer needs to be positioned below the original layer.