Fill faces problem, unwanted fill

Hi, I’m new to Blender, and on this forum as well, this is my first post, I hope I’m posting it to the right place.

So then the problem I have: I have a cube with a cylinder inside, both of them are closed on the bottom and open on top. I’d like to fill the face on top too but only between the top verteces of the cylinder and the top verteces of the cube. When I select the top verteces of the cylinder - which form a circle - and the top verteces of the cube - which form a square - and then hit the F key, also an additional face is created between the top verteces of the cylinder, in other words the circle also gets filled. Then if I remove that face, the whole face is removed, so there are not two faces created only one. So… that’s my problem, image attached. Oh yes and one more thing to mention: of course the cylinder and the cube are one shape, not separated ones. A circle has been put on the top of the cube, I’ve joined the two shape with Ctrl+J, then extruded the circle downwards to half of the cube.


I believe you need to add extra loops in the cube so the number of verticies in the cube match the number in the cylinder. Then add faces between them.

You don’t need the same number of vertices
Select all top vertices on the cube and cylinder and W / Bridge Edge Loops

If you just want a single face you cannot. Faces cannot have holes in them so in this case you will have to make more than one face to fill the gap

Thank you both for your answers, however the problem still persists. When I select the vertices (or edges) and hit W (or Ctrl+E) I can only see the option “Bridge Two Edge Loops”, and when I click it it says: “Selected loops must have equal edge counts”. Is this what place57 was mentioning?

Okey, now I’ve subdivided the top edges of the cube to the same amount of edges the circle has and this way it worked. It seems this is the only option then?

Alt F is also possible, but makes many triangles. The result after Alt J (tris to quads) is little bit messy.

Thanks, now I see much clearer of what my options are. I try them all so I can decide which suits in what case best. Thank you for helping me out, problem solved.

Not since blender 2.68

Demo of bridge and using F to fill the face