Fill in Vertice's.

I model’d The S.A Map but can’t seem to fill it.

I click on a Vertice > Ctrl + L > Alt + F

When i Ctrl + L is selects all the vertice’s that are connected and then i Press Alt + F and on the left side it says Fill but nothing happens and there are no option’s for Fill there.


are your vertices connected by edges?

Oh i see now.

But how do i connect them to the face’s or Edge’s.?

I did press F to link them but they just don’t and it’s impossible to select them both and then pressing F.

Can you explain step by step How to apply Face’s/Edge’s because i have no idea how to select both and then pressing F.

I did find one weird thing.

If i make a plane with the vertice’s i can connect them to a Edge/Face but when it’s a unknown Form it’s not connected when i press F.?

Is there a reason for this.?

If you have a problem, always always attach your problem blend file to your post or somewhere like Without that you are making it as difficult as possible for anyone to be able to find the problem

I can’t seem to upload it there.
Are there any other site’s for upload .blend file’s (I have slow internet cable)