Fill isn't working

First of all let me say that Blender is a truly awesome piece of software that I am very much looking forward to learning and using. It really is great!

One thing i’m having trouble with, however, is using the fill command (hotkey: shift+f) when trying to add a face to a series of vertices. For polygons with more than 4 vertices, I am aware that one must use the fill command which uses a combination of triangles to fill the void. This works on shapes with vertices around 6 or so, but if I try to use it on a complex shape, it won’t fill. Is there a limitation on the number of vertices or complexity of the shape that is stopping the fill?

You can fill a polygon with 3 triangles or 1 quad and 1 triangle. Try it.

Maybe two points are so close to each other that you see them as one. So when you select 4 points, you are actually selecting 5.

For Shift-F your selected vertices should all be connected in a closed loop.

They are all in a closed loop but I still can’t get it to work. I’ve attached an example of a random complex shape I made. Fill will not fill this in even though all the vertices are in a closed loop. Can anyone tell me why this won’t fill?


Because it’s not closed. The black edge (top left) indicates that the bottom of that line is two vertices floating above each other. Suggest you rightclick-select the edge and delete it. Then, select each of those vertices and hit plain “F” to join them.

If it fails a second time, you might want to run the vertices > remove doubles because it would indicate you have the problem multiple times. Probably the first option (redraw that last edge) should work.

Thanks a lot! I worked. I didn’t know that could be a problem (two vertices floating above each other). It’s working fine now. Thanks again for your help Lancer!