'Fill' painting brush?

I’m watching a tutorial for painting in the viewport, and the guy is using a ‘fill brush’ to fill entire shapes, but I don’t seem to have that in 2.77; what’s the issue?

What tutorial ?
What does it show and what are you seeing ?

Are you using the factory settings for blend er or have you created a custom startup file

at the 6:50 mark.

If you cannot see it in your blender get the latest version and load factory settings.

I have the latest version, 2.77. Also, there’s nothing that I have set myself that would turn it off I don’t think…

Are you loading a blend created originally with Blender 2.71 (or lower) , while having "“Load UI” set ?
It could explain the lack of fill brush in texture paint mode for you in 2.77 as if Blender load the UI from a 2.71 and previous blend , it should not have the fill brush considering it’s a 2.72 addition.

And if you still cannot see it after load factory settings, activate by creating a new brush and checking the fill brush button in the image http://www.pasteall.org/pic/show.php?id=103293