fill quads

(stephen2002) #1

I know that the button exists, I just forgot what it is and it is not in the v1.8 manual.

How do you fill with quads (like ctrl-F, but with 4 vert faces instead of 3)

(theeth) #2

You cannot. The only other type of fill is Beauty Fill, which tries to create equally sized triangles. Ctrl-Shift-F I think.

What you could do is fill with triangles and join them afterward (Shift-J with the faces selected).


(stephen2002) #3

I remember that there was a way to do it. I know about the Beauty Fill.

(Hos) #4

Select 2 triangles that share an edge and press Alt-J.
(This operation can work on multiple faces,
but sometimes the results are less than

Death to triangles!


(stephen2002) #5

thats the button! Thanks!

(S68) #6

Triangles are absolutely great, quad sucks.

The only time I needed to convert tri to quad was for the blenderville project (where each home need to be less than 10k faces and swithcing from try to quads helped a lot :slight_smile: )


(theeth) #7

the only good thing about tris is that they are always planar.


(harkyman) #8

Do. Or do not. There is no tri.

(theeth) #9

Listening to Yoda always you must.


(stephen2002) #10

ahh, but when you try to model using sub-surfs wanting to kill the triangles you will :smiley:
creases and dents they create