Fill the mesh

Hi :smiley: .Is it possible to fill a mesh?

To fill a mesh? Fill ti with an texture, color, another mesh, fill it with what? Try to be more specifique. I don’t know what you mean. :-?

Well , i mean , that i want the mesh Not to be empty inside.I want to fill the whole mesh , not just a face…

A you mean selecting some faces and fill it? Like you have a hole inside it?
Ok go to editmode (“tab”) and select 3 or 4 vertices which make a hole in the emsh. now press “f” to fill the hole, as we say filling the polygon or face. I think you mean that :stuck_out_tongue:

blender doesn’t support real solids, the closest thing you could do is make the inside another mesh [with inward facing normals] and a solid color.

most apps don’t do real solids

Got it,Thanks :smiley: !

what would be the point of filling a mesh inside? lol just wondering…

water :-?

yeah, i dident thaught of that…
But water can be done other ways to thought.