Fill the pipes!

I need to simulate this pipes getting filled with water. how can i do that? i can´t do it with animated textures ¿or can i?¿ some good tut to get that effect?


Blender has a fluid system…
google it.

Thanx Farthioner, i know that, but it doesn´t seems the best way to simulate it in this case cuz it will take a long time to render all the vertex, there might be an easier and lighter way to do it.

A Fluid system might be unstable for such a complex shape and baking fluid res at 200 isn`t very render effective for how long it would take but fluid might be the only option

i need something like masking or animating textures or materials but i dunno how to do that to get that effect

Ya, animated textures should work. Just hook up a cylinder to the end of each pipe and plaster an animated texture onto them.

Hey Farthioner, how would i plaster an animated texture onto the pipes?
that´s exactly what i need to know

i can not belive there is no an easy way to make so basic thing in blender, and i ve been
investigating a lot, but i can not find a clue on how to do what i need to do. Please, some help, some link

I just did a simple test of adding a plane to a scene and adding an image texture to it. Instead of selecting an image I selected a movie and it worked. As you increase the frames in the time line the different frames of the movie play. So maybe you could duplicate your object and scale it down and then make a video of water splashing about that loops and apply it to the scaled down object.

Actually, if you follow this tutorial, then adapt it to your needs you should come up with something like this: (don’t laugh, it was a quick setup)

video - vimeo (just realized that the water is moving abit too slow, but who cares?)

.blend -

You have your links mixed up, switch them around. :slight_smile:

eh, my bad. thnx =]

have a blend material (black to white) and have it change the alpha based on an object
(test output)


watertest.blend (141 KB)

oh my good god thanx very very much AMDBCG, that is exactly what i needed!!! now i hafta understand how was it done, but i m almost there… didn´t know you can animate the alpha that way!
thanx again
and thanx to all of you too guys

Hey AMDBCG! this procedure would be perfect if there where a way to achieve the same effect with objects which are Z axis oriented, i mean, it is a building, so i d need to animate the alpha in the z direction, but i can only use x and y axis to map the textures. m i right?? in that case ¿what could i do? is there a way to change the local axis of an object? or a way to cheat blender baut that???

just flip xy in the blend texture (should be a button) :stuck_out_tongue:
you could also rotate the pipes :smiley:
(the first suggestion is what I’d recommend)

you could also play around with material nodes… (if you’ve got time - they are fun to learn)

hope that helps :smiley:

thanx, i ve already tried that but it flips xy, not z direction.
well, gonna keep investigating, if someone knows a tut on this please let me know
thanx guys!

ok fixed, it was a problem on the coordinates of the empty that tracks the alpha position on the material.

Thanx very much

No leí que resolviste el problema.

B3D00 de que hablas?