Fill volume with objects

Yes, this question has quite a few posts already, but they look to be between 2005 and 20011, so a lot has changed.

Really I want to fill a container with objects. It would be nice if they were random objects from a collection, which leads you to particles for sure. But running the physics simulation takes Forever. It’s also overkill. I don’t want things to bounce. All I want to do is fill the volume without the objects intersecting. So I wondered if there was another tool for it that might do a bit better. And to fill an object for the purpose of visually looking like it’s filled? Well, really I’d want to start on the outside right? So if you’re filling a container will jellybeans to make it Look full like that old trick to guess how many jelly beans are in the container, you don’t actually need it to be full. I almost just want to shoot a random object from my collection, with slight random scale (optional) until it hits a surface. Then adjust the angle a little until it doesn’t collide with the first object and repeat until the entire surface is covered. Then treat all of those as the “surface” and repeat.

I’m sure there would be better/more efficient ways of doing it, but i was curious if there was a tool that did something like that.
Or maybe it’s just selecting all the objects, but it drops the objects one at a time instead of all together, which is Way too much calculation for what is needed. Unless the objects Lock together, then it’s much faster to calculate one object falling, then change that object to a passive object once it’s position/rotation only change a certain amount, then calculate the next, until all objects are complete.
I actually wonder if That one could be scripted.

So these are just some ideas that come to mind. The only things I’ve found that work ok are for balls, which have good ways of “cheating.” So lets, for arguments sake, say I’m filling a container with bowtie, elbow, and spiral pasta.

Any good ideas?