Fill volume with objects

Hi everyone,

it’s been a long time and I somehow lost the overview :).

I’m looking for a way to “fill” a certain object’s volume with other, smaller objetcs. Just imagine a bag filled with balls –*actually I’m interested in the balls without the bag, which just defines tha shape of the volume.

I had a quick look in the scripts section, the one that comes closest is discombobulator, but unfortunately ist seems to operate on the surface only.

Any ideas?

Best regards, Marin

I don’t know if there is a script but there is the ‘brute force’ method using the blender physics engine. Create the volume as an object, create many of the smaller objects above this volume. Apply the physics to let the smaller objects fall into the volume to fill it. These smaller objects will fill the volume acting like real objects. When full, make the objects real to lock them into their final positions.

As I say this is a non sophisticated way of doing it. I’m sure there is a more novel and quicker solution out there.


Yep, thought of that one, too. Point is, my volume’s not gonna be a bag but rather compex. Still might be worth a try until I come up with something else :slight_smile:

try using particles. Use emitter and volume instead of face. You may want to use grid as well. Use object a sphere for what you want emitted. Then you will need to make it the right size. I am forgeting exact details cause I am transitioning to 2.5 and its a little different better though. after you have filled the object with the other objects you can make a instance of it it you would like to rigged body sim it. I would suggest setting up the ridge body settings after applying the instance and before seperating the meshes. Then recenter all the new meshes and you can use the bullet on them