Filled Circle + Image Texture failed

If I create a Circle and fill them (F), then I can’t create a Imagetexture for this. The result is:

If I use a procedural texture, it works:

The used image in the image texture is ok, if I use it with a cube, not a cirle:

Where is my mistake? A UV-map generate the same result as above.


I’d try applying rotation, scale and location in object mode.

Thanks for Your reply, the apply has no effect. The Circle is’nt rotated or scaled. I have

  • Create the circle and
  • Filled the circle in Edit-Mode

Thats all.

Need to unwrap. Generators I believe use generated coordinates whereas image texture expect a UV layout. Or use texture coordinate → separateXYZ → combineXY trying out various X/Y/Z combinations into XY.

This is the answer, when you check the UV, all vertexes are at 0,0 in UV space

Edit: Atarifreak, you should probably also put a principled bsdf between the image and the output instead of just connecting the image directly to the output

YES! Thats It! Thank You!! :+1: :grinning: