Filled: Need someone to teach me to rig a model and use bvh files

I need someone to teach me how to rig a 3d model and attach it to BVH files to be exported as fbx. I have tried watching tutorials but I am missing something. The model will autorig correctly in Mixamo. I am willing to pay 25/hour for up to 4 hours. If we get through rigging quickly then I have lots of other questions to fill the four hours. I would like to record the tutoring session so I can play it back later when I need to rig more models.

Please send me links to your website, descriptions of teaching you have done before, and/or other tutorials you have made. I will pay you through venmo or paypal, your choice.

I would like to do this as soon as possible.

Thank you,

[email protected]

PM Sent Please Check!

I am a biologist and willing to help

[email protected]
and I will do it in 10 dollar per hr max

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