Ohk, I know the aces on here must have some experience with this since every good model has to have edge fillets and chamfers. I’m using Blender, and have been trying to figure out various ways of creating these. Edge loops with sub-d sometimes work, but the edge loops can’t be dictated precisely. The double sub-d modifier stack works too but generates a metric ton of poly’s. Manually creating the corners could conceivably work, but would be ridiculously intensive.

So, I’m open to suggestions, even if they’re in other softwares, I can always adapt the idea (or simply use that software - heresy, I know).


I’ve never been too clear on the exact technical difference between fillets, chamfers and bevels (oh my!) . . . but if beveling will work for you, try the ‘Bevel Center’ script.


Chamfers and Fillets are covered in the 608 Bearing tutorial.
Both modelling the detail and using the Bevel Centre scriptare covered.

Precision Modelling - An Engineers Guide

Part 2: Chamfers
Part 4: Bevel Centre
Part 6 Fillets

The bevel centre script works great on simple geometry where you can select all the edge loops at once, but not for something like this it seems. Here’s a screen of the areas I’m trying to edit/remodel to add a chamfer.


I think bevel center script has a weird bug, in my computer I barely can use it. You can add more loopcuts to the edges and space them so that they are round while they fix the bevel tool.