I can’t find fillet tool in blender. Is there a trick in making one?

Uh, we cant really help you if we don’t know what it is ;). Can you give us an explanation of what it does?

EDIT: nvm that if organics link helped you.

Check out the 608 Bearing tutorial, it has lots of useful modelling techniques. Fillet is on page 1

You could add a bevel on the internal edges where you want the fillet. There are a number of ways to bevel, use the bevel modifier or the ‘bevel center’ script in the mesh script menu.


The Bearing tutorial explains how to use Mesh Tools / Spin feature. But I was trying to avoid creating fillet one by one by modeling it. Besides how do you model the corner where 3 edges meet anyway?

Ya, Script Bevel Center can do a kind of fillet at setting of 2 Recursive; ugly polygons at the corner. Any other number in Recursive seems to really cut up everything. What is it for anyway?


ridix I think you missed the main point.

From the link I posted -
“As Blender is not primarily a CAD program it doesn’t yet have a dedicated fillet tool.”

Sorry I skipped that part. But filleting is not just for CAD. In fact, all you do with CAD document is to call out fillet of given size once; Round all corners .06 or such. 5 seconds time spent and done for designer. You don’t go modeling fillet all over the place; the computer file gets large and complex fast not to mention paying designer to do all that detail so it looks good. If you start to assemble those 3D models with all that detail, computer starts to slow down big time! So filleting is really for presentation. You know, so that those parts can be illustrated to look good and real.

i added a cube then executed inedit mode the embeded script solidfiy and tehn
w-Key to bevel all edges

see pic

don’t know may be this can help


True enough.
If you draw the 90 degree curve once you can save those verts separately and add them in where you need them, then scale, extrude or whatever to make filleted edges and corners.