Filling a beizer help

Hello. I was making a model in school earlier. Since I didnt have access(at the time) to another one I had made, I had to make one on the spot. It was of the blender 3d logo. The first time around, I made a cylnder, than added a bunch of extra points. This time around, I loaded a picture in, then used the beizer tool to trace around the edge. When I selected the points and went to fill, it wouldnt fill. Yes, I did convert it to a mesh. I left the blend file at school, or else I would upload it. I will see if I can upload it tommorow.

I think that, when you use bezier curves, you need to make sure the curves are filled before you convert to a mesh. To do that, trace your shape all the way round as far as you can then click on Curve in the 3d view header and select Toggle Cyclic (or just press C). That will close the curve. Now, when you convert to a mesh, it will already be filled.

The curve must be 2D and closed (cyclic), otherwise it’s not filled. So uncheck the “3D” button in “Curve and Surface” tab in edit buttons before converting to mesh.