Filling a box with fruit?

I need to fill a Box up with a simple fruit model how would one go about this with out the fruit intersecting each other?.

I’m guessing there is a way to run a simulation for this type of thing ?.
Could some one ponit me in the right direction please :wink:

Here is an example using the GAME Engine IPO recording feature.

You could modify this scene by swapping fruit meshes for the numbers and a Bowl for the cube below.

Open scene.
Move mouse over 3D window.
Press the P-Key and wait for the simulation to run.
Press ESC to stop simulation.
Press play to view recorded animation.


ras_game_ipo_physics_1e.blend (640 KB)

Is there any tutorials for the game engine ,using Blender 2.56.
Never used game engine before so I’m clue less :wink: