Filling a Shape With Curves and Straight Edges

I’m trying to fill a shape that has curves and straight lines. Ultimately this is going to be a surface where the entire left-hand edge down to the bottom point is going to be thin (low) and the right-hand curve around the cursor is going to be thick (high).

At the moment I’m just trying to complete the jigsaw, I understand that I’ve got a fair amount of work getting this smooth. This is my best attempt yet, but I can’t see how I’m going to fit it together properly. Any pointers / advice / links to similar shapes would be very welcome.

Thanks in advance.


Base Shape WIP.blend (356 KB)

Forgive me, I’ve finally worked it out… I was being an idiot and just wan’t seeing it. I’ve been messing with it all evening, I upload it online, and within minutes I see a glimmer of the solution. In case anyone is interested, here is my solution:

Obviously it needs a lot of smoothing work, but the structure is there now which is key… lovely loops all round! :slight_smile:

Apologies if anyone wasted any time looking at this.

You are making life difficult for yourself by by having too many vertices. You’ve got a subsurf modifier on the object, so let it do its job:

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You’re quite right - in my early attempts to fill the shape I was adding more and more vertices trying to fix issues and never went back again. I’ve reduced it massively as you have which has enabled me to easily get the perfect shape I was after.