Filling in a circle.

It has been a while since I have done a post, and messed with Blender. I am trying to copy someone’s logo and I have started with a circle mesh. I want to close the circle in completely. I have extruded the circle, so the sides are solid, but I want the top and bottom to be closed up. How is this done?

select 3 of 4 vertices and press F so they will form a face(maybe I’m going stupid now … and you mean something completely different… in that case, my bad)

ALT+SHIFT+LMB the outer edges of the circle (or now tube, since you extruded it). Once the outer ring is selected, extrude once, but abort any movement with RMB. Now press ALT + MKEY, choose “center” and you’re good to go.

Thanks it worked magic…!!! One thing though…my Blender only selected all when I pushed Alt + Shift + RMB. THanks though.

Oh my bad, ALT+SHIFT+RMB is correct of course. Glad it helped.