Filling in an outline with faces?

I’m sorry if I’ve worded this incorrectly but I am tracing an outline of a logo using CTRL LMB to plot each vertex with an edge between each one. Now am planning to extrude this to give this flat logo some depth before playing around with it some more.

To make this logo appear solid, I know I need to add faces but I really can’t work out how to create them to fill the whole area of the logo (which has a quite complicated outline). I created a simple 10 vertex outline to practise adding faces but I did this by selecting 3 vertices and pressing FKEY to ‘fill it in’, deselecting one of the 3 vertices and then creating another face. And so on…

This is fairly laborious and will be very difficult to do for my more complex shape. Am I missing an easier, more automated way to add faces?

There is a “beauty fill” option - select verts and SHIFT-FKey, I think. (maybe ctrl… not sure). Also, Its good practice to stick with four-sided faces (quads) rather than three (tris), whenever possible…

In most cases, when you have a “complicated outline” like you’re working on, its going to take quite a bit of hand tweaking and Fkey-ing to get it the way you want it.

alt+f is beauty fill, shift+f is fill

so the approach would be shift+f, followed by alt+f one or more times
[scroll down a bit to see what it does]

Thanks for the info. Shift F does the basics that I need but there’s no disputing why Beauty Fill is named as such, looks much better!

This will give me the start I need so I can tweak later.

The more features I find out about in blender, the more I love it!

You may be able to accomplish your logo design better with curves. Read the wiki docs on them here:

This wiki manual is the best/first place to start with these kinds of questions…