filling in things correctly for sub division

hey guys trying to have 2 seperate objects inside another object and filling it all in correctly. ive tried doing this a lot and fill it all up with quads too. but what happens is sub division fucks it all up even with no triangles. can anyone help me with this please

i want to have a low poly version and i know someone might say oh just dont have those objects attached and instead float near it. but for this case i want those 2 slots to be attached to the entire mesh even for the low poly version. for the low poly version though im going to edge slide a lot of the things to turn into triangles and have less verticies too.

is this possible? because it seems really screwed up. please help me guys thank you.

Why are you uploading the .obj file instead of the blend ? You’re just creating extra work for people that want to take a look at the file.

ok i changed


Hey !
I dont really understand what you are trying to achieve. Could you explain a bit more ? What are you trying to fill ?
Are you trying to achive something like that Cooking_Machine_Test.blend (481 KB) ?

Left is your model, right is mine. It it what you are looking for ?

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basicly i want those 2 ojects to be apart of the other thing. ive done it many times but its ugly as sin once i use subdivision on it. even when theres no ngons or triangles

well the thing is yes im kinda trying to achiev something like that but i want to do it this way. i know i can do that and sub divide and then put a square etrudge in and it will do the work for me. it sounds weird but i want to know how to do it that way proper

in a lot of cases i find having a low poly version with other pieces not connected, and baking normals from high polly, it still doesnt look as good if the low poly was connected. i just want to do it this way to get better

in practical use im not gonna do this for this coke machine. im just gonna make 2 simple squares holes and bake the “sticking out parts” around the hole. not worth all the verts

Hey !
I’ve uptaded my post, tell me if it’s what you are looking for.
By the way, in my model, the square things are independent from the big part.

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oh they are independent. yea i was wondering if i could get them connected to it all and have sub division work still. or is that not possible? i wanted that welded in look so its part of the same piece of metal

but yeah like your post but together connected

oh i see u you edge split to kind of fix things up with sub division. but with edge split now it just looks super sharp taking away the point of sub division for me… well thank you for help man this one just seems like it will be a complex problem. i dld the blend file that showed up as the top picture you showed

Hey !
I’ll try to do it, and I’ll tell you if it works !

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ok thanks :yes:

Hey !
Could you tell me why is it necessary to be subdivided ? Why do you need it ?

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usually what i do is make low poly mesh then subdivide the mesh to make it nicer and fix it up till it looks like the old object but more real. then i bake normal map

btw i think i found out a way to do this though. ill post back later today if your interested

Hey !
So, basicly, the model i have made does not really need to be “enhance” in order to make it nicer. The only thing you’ll get by subdiving it will be a heavier mesh, but not much more details…
And I tried everyting I know, you can’t use Subdivide Modif on a square cavity… Sorry

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here its kind of a mockup but yea this is the best way to do it i think.

The detail is on a flat surface which gives more options for supporting the corners.
coke_ja12.blend (110 KB)

how do i do it the way you did it? ty

by looking at it i can do it. like add edge loops add in the square face then connect them all that way but im wondering if you did it with a certain method or something

Not true.

Yes I did it a certain way but that doesn’t matter, everyone models differently. What matters is that the square gets supports in the corners and that there are no unwanted edge loops going to the sides close to each other, since those will create an angular form with subdivision surface.

When the corners have support structure in place, those can be used to control the sharpness of the corners, with or without edge creasing (ctrl+e, or from 3d view properties).

I added loops to get enough geometry to work with, used inset tool and extrude, and then did a loop reduction on the sides to get rid of some of the loops.

Main tools used:

  • triangulation (ctrl+t)
  • rotate edges (edges menu ctrl+e)
  • inset (i)
  • extrude (e)
  • loop cut and slide (ctrl+r)
  • bevel (ctrl+b)