Filling the back of text

Gday everyone

first off I couldn’t make a new topic so I’m posting it here

I imported a 3d DAE from Photoshop and at first glance it was perfdct

then I switched to edit mode still looks good! elsy%20edges [elsy%20edges|523x344,50%] then I look at back and there is no back elsy%20back

I remember I had to convert from mesh/text so I do this and it gets worseconvert%20from%20%20meshtext and I can’t undo it

so my question how do I fill in back

I realize you don’t have to convert to mesh

thanks, heaps

P.S. Elsy is my 4-day old daughter’s name :smile:

Copy the front faces and move to the back. To get the convex faces, select all the front faces and Scale Y-1.

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you can also mirror on the Y axis so the front faces will be mirrored on the back

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