Filling up a glass, How hard can it be?

Im trying to fill up a glass of water with the fluidsimulation and have run into a few issues.

  1. When filling the glass, it looks like the water freezes in the glass from the bottom and up since there is a certain pattern that you can see on the attached pictures. You see it in the midline and looks exactly the same on the two pictures anthough the water in real life should be circulating, and this doesnt look very realistic.

  2. When the water starts spilling out of the glass, it looks like its “hovering” over the table, so after I`ve baked it I have to manually adjust the level of the table.

Help me Anyonekenobi, you`re my only hope :slight_smile:


i know how to solve the table issue, but if you post a blend file then i can take a look and find a solution for the whole problem.

up resolution of the water to make it look better on the side of the glass. not sure about the other two.

Thanks everyone! I`ll have a look at the links posted, and get back when I tried them.

Glasswater4.blend (615 KB) @Finalbarrage, Sure give it a try and let me know how you did it if you solve the table issue. Never posted a file before, but I hope I did it correctly…

We can all be agree that Blender fluid is not good. I don’t see the point haveing this fluid simulation in blender when it is not working as it should

Esimacio, Maybe you are right? Although I`ve seen some beautiful fluidvideos that actually are rendered in Blender.

try using fluid particles and pyroevils cubesurfer.
personally i think it’s a much better option than the fluid sim, in terms of fluid movement i think it’s much more realistic.


Thx, Ill give it a try.