Hello guys. I’m new in Blender. I looked through the internet I wached a lot of basic tutorials, but I have specific problem. I know, there is no problem to fill surface among 4 points (f) or fill inside curves (alt+f) but is any possibilities to fill geometry (at pic.) at once? I imported thees points. They are generated and i want to fill surface between points.

Thanks for your time and help


here is the pic:

Trying to fill them all at once would cause weird issues. I think the most esay way is to use the “Circle selection”. For example: press “Z”, then “C”, then select the first two circles (on the left side) that makes your model, then use the “Bridge two edge loops” function. Same manip with the second and third, with the third and fourth, etc…

Looptools addon has ‘loft’ function. Give it a try.

Hello maverick…thanks for your time…It sounds good with circles (I tried it and it works), but this shape (vertices) is generated by matlab. This shape is deformed NACA 65 airfoil and this shape is matematicaly exactly determined. I must work with these vertices).

Thanks for your help…I will try it. But at first I must found that addon :slight_smile:

It works…Thanks a lot :yes:
Here is the evidence: