Film about healing Wetiko

I wish to make a film about this Character shown below

This snake bird currently sees the world through his base survival Chakra. HIs heart has not bloomed yet. He sees like through the eyes of a reptile. Eat or be eaten and he is right all the time no matter what.

I want to show a metimorphis - This charactor will go through a change that makes him have balance. He will end up with his heart in the center and he/she will see mainly through the heart.

In the end I will show myself as Creative director first and Will also show credit in alphabetical order. All names including mine will have the same size text. Also a special thanks section to those who spend the most time.
I know a lot about leading the eye in a scene and how to use light and dark - saturation and grey shape and making form stand out. I study climatic points
Good art will give the viewer the chills. THe chills sell and so does humor. Character sells.
Pleasant layout sells. knowing how to lead the eye - make a scene in a manor that it captures the eye and keeps it within then scene. I grew up in a picture frame shop and my Mother was a great artist and My father was a computer programmer. I learned so much from my folks and our framing clients who many were very well known atists. I study art. You can see my website wyomingcreations dot com Yes I need a BIO!
I am a round table leader. If a Creative Director sees that the real creative director is spirit and he sees that he needs to allow and use everones creative energies and kinda forgets about the glory and vanity for the most part… Huge and wonderful things can happen. So often the creative director is much like the Snake bird. First we need to come up with a story line. This could be fun and rewarding. So many very talented Artists here on this forum ! Thank you !
Right now its about story line.
I am thinking it will take 10 years to finish. No deadlines.