Film composition and animation

Hello all,

I am currently working on a short film and I am trying to figure out something. I am pretty new to animation, I understand the basics but would like to know more about advanced techniques. Basically, I guess the best way would be to tell u what I am trying to do. What I want to do is set up several defferent “scene” files that I can reference in the characters and animate them. I want to use seperate files for each scene to keep the file size down and so that I can render each segment independantly and then combine them at end. The problem I am having is when I reference in an object. I have a basic scene set up for the opening sequence where there is a tree and the camera slowly moves toward it and follows a snake that is climbing up the tree. The camera moves through the tree to follow the snake (in this case it is just an empty at the moment). I made a basic snake model in a seperate file so that I can lay out the scene better, but when I insert it into the scene file (tried to append and link) it does not let me edit the object. If I append, I can scale, rotate, grab, etc., but I cannot animate the snake. How are these scenes set up in BBB. I am sure they have the characters referenced into the scenes somehow and then animated there to match the scene, but I cannot figure out how to do that. Any help or suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

Also, if there is another thread on here that explains this, please redirect me, I was not able to find one, but I may have missed it.


The Key feature in this context are proxy objects.
This might help you:


That helps out alot actually…thanks!