Film Engine the successor to Cinebox to be show off at FMX 2016 on April 26th

Ok, this is not an April Fools Joke -

We are more than happy to announce that Film Engine, the successor of Crytek’s Cinebox, is being premiered at FMX2016Film Engine presents the Virtual Production Stage at FMX 2016, alongside its tech partners Ncam, OptiTrack, ARRI and AMD: attendees will be immersed shoulder to shoulder with industry pros in a virtual production stage, working with the same state-of-the-art tools used by Hollywood directors.

The successor to Cryengine Cinebox is to be shown off at FMX 2016 on April 26th at Stuttgart, Germany.

For those of you who are not familiar with Cinebox / Film Engine see the videos below.

Details below -

This I want!


Just when I needed it :slight_smile:

More info on the Cinebox workflow -

Updating the original post.

hm i think cycles animations are better, but thats just my taste.
well cycles should be better, since cycles is raytracing and thats is a game engine.
not sure what the post is about is it going free as well? as so many other game engines ?.

cryengine is now “pay what you want”, so there is nothing new to the engine itself

this is program to create cinematic style animations/films, to use it in motion capture sessions as preview/review tool or you can even do realtime virtual sets, …

i think unreal engine has now something similar: UE4 Seqencer

I thought of Sequencer when I saw this too. However in the current version (4.11) the cinematic cameras and camera rigs don’t seem to be implemented yet, so this could be a good time to launch Film Engine (rofl) I guess. Although maybe it’s not getting launched if it’s just shown off.

Still, can you compete with free? :stuck_out_tongue:

Ehm what do you find so special about camera rigs ?.
I’m curious as i find it so easy to animate camera’s inside blender (i +loc rot) / path folow, and a trackto empty animation.

The point is that it will look fairly good and render extremely fast.

There are camera rigs coming to UE4 that emulate real world camera rigs like rail rigs and and some other one that I forgot. You’re right though, it’s pretty easy to make paths or whatever or just animate the camera manually and you can do that right now in UE4 too.

Sure. It`s called quality.

I do realize “Free Is the New Black” as they so rightfully noted in the title of their Lumberyard-coverage over at, though personally I don`t get the point of this thread (nor that of John Lancaster), neither.

So there`s gonna be a show-off about sth. game-engine related at a well-known CG-conference like the FMX,- still to take place, mind you - …

Holy smokes, am I really supposed to consider this breaking news??!
Well, excuse my sarcasm, but it`s really getting so old how everyone plus their grandmother is trying to act like realtime-rendering/VR/anything-gameengine-related/you-name-it is gonna be the best thing since sliced bread, all the time.

In any case, I cant see anything in those vids we hadnt seen before years ago… I just cant see the quantum leap in quality or anything theyre all trying to preach about just for they like gaming and everybody loves the hypothetical idea of rendering everything in realtime…

greetings, Kologe

You sound like an idiot to me!

they can use motioncapture input from actors and cameras and render with only 2-3 frames delay (8-12ms) for full production rigs. realtime face motion capture + realtime body motion capture + realtime camera motion capture.
just think about it: you have to capture the motion from the actors, calculate the transformation in 3d, transfer it to your 3d model, capture all the camera data and motion, transfer it to your 3d camera, render the whole 3d scene! and this happens in 8-12ms!!!

Well I suppose I`m just fine with sounding like an idiot to someone the 1st post of whom, on all of BA, is about telling me I sound like an idiot to him and nothing else at all.

@@pingking23: OK, what you mention there sounds more notable to me, but I clearly couldn`t find any such information on any of the links from the OP, all the fxguide-article talks is how it has been used here & there for previs and whatnot, while their website & facebook-page are even less informative.

In this sense, my point remains valid: Before FMX2016 has even taken place, this thread is about hardly anything other than marketing-blabber. And I cant fathom many BA-members buying FMX-tickets at this point (no earlybird-discount) just for @HeadClot has herein told them about this "Film Engine"-show-off. Those FMX-tickets arent exactly cheap, are they?

greetings, Kologe

Correct me if I am wrong though. Cinebox was never released and it is not a part of Cryengine.

Still, and despite it being used on several productions, Cinebox remains in what Iyer calls “an eval phase.” Currently, the only way to get access to Cinebox is to contact Crytek.

I could have missed it, but to my knowledge it has never been publicly available.

And they have made no announcement other that Film Engine will be unveiled.

You can do cinematics in Cryengine but that is using the provided tools for that. And those are not the same as Cinebox which is more streamlined for that purpose.

So it is also something to consider when you see all of these amazing trailers that are made with Cinebox. They were powered by the game engine of course, but the publicly available game engine was not used. This is something that many people miss when looking at these and thinking you can do the same in the engine, which essentially you can. But not with the same streamlined tools.

Really interested in when and if it will be released.

i know about the realtime capture stuff from here:

you can get also some information about the pipeline here (its the first part of the presentations):