Film: G-Force

I just watched the cute Disney G-Force film, with sfx by Sony Imageworks. Amazing stuff. I would have to say the ultimate in many areas.
Lighting: perfect.
Shading and hair shading: perfect.
Animation, Excellent.
Complexity and number of parts: off the scale
CGI: perfectly seamlesst.
Wet hair: Amazing.
Texturing and Attention to detail: unbelievable.
Storyline: Cuteness Maximus.
Character development: Classic.
Real camera rigs: Inventive and full use of lenses. Number of cameras broken: 1.
Depth: 3D and 2D (he explains in the audio commentary that he had to actually produce 2 movies, on dimenstionalized and the other flattened).
Pullouts for me: 1.
Physics: nothing compared to 2012, but great nonetheless.Hair, fireworks, shattering, fluids, cloth, grass, volumetrics, etc.
Timeline: 2 years.
Homage: lots, including like MI, Transformers, Energizer Bunny, Lost…
SFX houses: Sony Imageworks, Asylum,…

The audio commentary track (on DVD) with director Hoyt Yeatman is invaluable guide to directors and sfx artists, as he explains every shot, how the background plate was filmed, what part is CG, and points out the CG effects and the challenges involved in each one.

Yeah, it was quite nice in 3D.
I won’t go as far as stating that it is the epiphany of CGI though.
O, you forgot one other category:
Story and appeal: boring beyond imagination.

The shots with wet fur were very well done.

My kids saw this but didnt rave (they are not purists however) I did see cloudy with a chance of meatballs (3D) and IT was stunning. They obviously left the texturing to dedicate more time to the physics which were jaw dropping in 3D.

Big comendation for the characters eyes, quite incredible movement, really sold me (moved right out of Uncanny valley!).

sorry for the hi-jack just wanted to say how much I loved this one in comparison.

Yeah, I have rarely seen a 3D movie with a story that i’ve liked… Ooh, Mainframe Entertainment’s Beast Wars and Reboot animated series were pretty awesome, and very well made for that time!