Film Grain Blender Tutorial?

Hey guys, I am an intermediate blender user and would appreciate greatly if anyone could answer this question for me.
Is there any way to create a sort of post film grain effect in blender?
Create an old film look in blender? (I once heard a guy talk about how he had a method of using procedural textures to create that look)

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you.

You can do somthing like this with nodes - I think!
i don’t have blender with me right now :mad:
I think its called ‘Lens Distortion’ press space - add node - distort - Lens Distortion
hope thats it anyway!

this thread is forgotten. :frowning:

If any else finds this thread and was wanting to know you can download this blend file - using mulitple textures in the node editor to create noise.

hope it helps

This thread is remembered! :slight_smile:

I found that your method of setting it up has been very useful. The lens distortion is also a nice method though it may be difficult in an animation - as the numerous frames may just copy the same noise pattern again and again.

I guess a great method would be to simply get some free stock footage of film grain and just composite it on.
Have any of you tried that at all?

As for the old look stretching planes with procedural textures on them can apparently create that old film look, though haven’t experimented with that just yet.

Oh…Yes, the noise textures apparently change on each frame which is splendid. That’s a great method you came up with.

Compositing free stock grain footage should also be a method…

I asked a guy on youtube about how he did and he claimed to map textures to a plane and just cycle through those composited over your images/animations.

I tried the lens distort though the jittered option is simply not effective enough for film grain, even if it is duplicated many times…

There is a VSE blender plugin for an old film look which I haven’t tried yet, though the preview didn’t look so great it may look alright when in use.

You guys tried any of these?

This thread is remembered! :slight_smile: