film intro animation

Heres a animation to introduce “Australian international film festival”

small blend- 360k

Aiff’s page

comments welcome.

Is this the real introduction to the AIFF?
was it made on Blender?
By you?

and oh yes it is good

  1. will probably be.
  2. of course blender!
  3. yep, all my work idea was mostly from AIFF as was the logo.

Waiting for it to load…

Ah, here we are.

That’s a cool animation, though a little simple. You should use a better world texture (one with color), and you will most definitely need to add sound.

Edit: Forgot to tell you how great the camera work is.

Yep, its pretty simple, if they’d given me an open brief Id probably have tried some stuff with compositing and maybe fluids-
The earth texture was not meabt to be kept, but they liked it- if you look on their logo theres no countries either.