Film Noir setting

At the Pelit magazine’s homepage ( [for customers only!]) we have these little 3D-modeling “competitions” twice per month. The current subject is “still life/setting”. I was going to do a film noir stylish café/restaurant setting with “femme fatale”. I’m a bit lost with the placement of the stuff I’m going to use in the picture.

Anyway, here is the café-picture:

And as some of you might notice there was room left at the café for this femme fatale-to-be.

The scenes are not comlete. Not even close to it.
I’m really not sure about the bottle in the pail (or the pail it self). So every kind of comments are welcome.

Time left: 7 days, 3 hours, some minutes

Hm, I think what is strange is the still life image is the composition of the image, with the big empty space on the left. Maybe put the bottle and pail on the left? (most people tend to look at an image from the left first, and an order of viewing such as “bottle - glass - glass” seems more “natural” than the oposite).
Also, the beer glass looks “off topic” with the champagne glass and bottle.

Other than that, the modelisation of each element looks good :slight_smile:

For the femme fatale… oh no, not another huge breast girl sigh %| lol

The woman goes to left so thet space will be filled. She will sit on a chair.

I took the beer glass away and - you’re right - the image looks a lot better. Maybe I use the beer glass some other time…

The woman’s body will be softened a lot so the brests will become smaller.