Film Noir Style Scene

Hi guys, I’ve been playing around in blender for a little bit and I’ve recently been lucky enough to have the opportunity to do some work in blender for class projects. This is one of my first more complete projects. I know it is a bit simplistic, but I had a pretty short time constraint. I’ve turned in the project and am not sure I want to spend too much time making changes, but would love some comments. There isn’t too much actual modelling in this scene, but texturing and lighting is something I’ve been struggling with, so please let me know what you think and any advice moving forward. I hope to upload some of my other projects soon. Thanks for your critiques.
(Forgot to mention: This is Blender Internal as my laptop currently is not a fan of cycles. I hope to try cycles more when I get a new computer.)


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I don’t know if there is anything else to add, but I would love some comments/critiques if anyone as anything to say.

damn, this looks cool, I would say a little lense flare from the street lights and point of focus on the gentleman would look great, and mabye a little water trickling through the alley.

You know, my initial idea included some trickling water along the edge of the tunnel, but this was my first venture into particle and fluid simulations, and I was having a ton of trouble getting a thin layer of water to travel along a flat surface. Given the time restraint, I ditched the idea and just focused on the rain which was much simpler. I need to do some more playing around with fluid sims in the future.

The composition is a bit central, might be better if the guy was closer to the left edge. Also the light on his face (facing camera) seems a bit too strong given the obvious light sources in the scene. I think he should be more of a silhouette, both practically and artistically. Props for setting up an interesting scenario though.

I agree, the face looks kinda fake…

using the fluid sim is great for some things but puddles and trickles of water your better off using this technique :slight_smile:

Those rock walls and the floor need normal maps! Should work out great with the light coming from the center.

Great mood and scene. I agree with Christina, the effect could be enhanced with more of a silhouette. He also has only one shadow even though there are two lamps.

Thanks for all the comments! When I get some time I will try that technique to add puddles (thanks for the link, bizla), and I will look at the lighting to try to get a better silhouette effect. I did put normal maps on the wall and ground, but maybe they need a bit of adjusting to achieve better shadows.

Update coming soon.

awesome, cant wait to see with the updates :slight_smile: and your welcome

So here is my latest update.

I followed that tutorial for adding puddles on the ground but it did not seem to work very well on my scene. My initial guess is that having the puddles inside a close environment (tunnel) with no direct lighting messed up the mirror effects. However, it still seemed to give a nice watery look in the gaps between the paved stones. I adjusted the normal maps a little bit, and I think they are a little more realistic now. I changed the front lighting (by taking it out), and relaxed the back lighting a bit to give what I think is a more realistic reflection off the wet ground. I’m glad you all mentioned it, because I definitely like the feeling the silhouette gives to the picture. I didn’t do much post-production in gimp to save time, so the sky isn’t as “glowy” in this image. If I don’t change much else in the scene set-up, I think I will go back and add that as I like the contrast and feeling it gives to the sky.