Film Project - Broken Crown - Looking for extra hands

Dear Blenders!

I am Animater 2015, and I am the director of ‘Broken Crown’, it is a reboot of the Lion King , this will be a film project. This is a personal project of mine which I have been at work with for around three months with scripts and artwork.

However I cannot do this entire project on my own, although I have experience in video editing and directing, this is not enough for the film. I have two modelers and concept artists at the moment, yet, we cannot do this alone and we need help from the Blender community.

Right now, I am looking for 2 more modelers for character and landscapes. Texturers and lighters, 3 animators and 4 to 5 polishers, basically these people will finalize all the animation, shadows and everything before sending the project to me for final editing.

This film will probably take around a year to twenty months to complete, unfortunately, I cannot pay any of you, hence why this is in the volunteer section, but I hope that this project will pave the way for me to create my film animation company in the future.

P.S: Don’t bring up copyright issues, I understand the way it works, so if you are concerned about it, PM me instead of displaying it on this thread, thank you.

If you are interested, please leave a reply, send me a PM.

Many thanks,
Animater 2015.