Film Response Curves addon removed since git migration?

Hi all,

Just wondering if there has been any discussion as to why the Film Response Curves Addon has been removed since moving to git? or has it been an oversight?

Not sure how to ask the devs if this is on purpose or not.



From the wiki "film response curves were added for the RGB Curves node in the compositor. "

Not sure if this is also related but in new version of Blender there is the looks options, see picture.

@AIBlender I know about it being part of the Color Management Settings, However, We use the RGB nodes in a different way, we stack them up together with different factors, producing a unique look. The Colour Management Settings panel doesn’t allow for that flexibility.

@FloridaJo Yes, so what it is is you enable the addon, create a RGB Curves node in the compositor, and then in the tools panel you can give the RGB Curves node a predefined film look. there were about 30 different options


I have spoken to Campbell, and it was discussed between him and brecht to remove it from the plugins… as AIBlender pointed out, that there is a version that resides under the colour management settings, they believe that its just doubling everything up.

The previous version works fine, if theres any API changes I will probably update the script.