Film Riot Short VFX

Hey guys! I just entered the film riot one minute short a few days ago, and I’d like to share it with you. We had two months to complete the short (along with school and homework), but we managed to get it done to a decent standard before submission, there are still things I’d like to change, like the transition between the real car and the cg one, the end of the road and render at higher samples, but overall I think it’s okay. I’d love to hear your feedback please! I created all of the assets within the time given, except for the car that flies accross screen, which I made a long time ago.

I am sorry to say that, but this BAD. I don´t know what the movie is all about.
You have unrealistic lighting, distorted matchmove. Cant see a film language there.
I know that it is so cool to do hollywood style shooting but they have hundreds of professionals working on it. If i were you i would not publish this. If your alone or a small crew try to think about how you can do it and not just do it because vfx are cool.
Use static camera or a small pan shots. Learn about film language and composition.
Good luck.

I think you’re being too negative, artofpiki. This is a good effort for a short time period… The editing and cinimatography were good, as was the animation. The place you fell down is the texturing. It’s very hard to make things look photorealistic. I don’t think more cycles would help you - at least on the soled objects. You don’t have the best camera ever, so blur you’re cgi by about 2 pixels to match it, and the low cycles can provide filmgrain. Also, motion blur is a must.

Yeah there’s a bunch of flaws of course, but good on you for having a go at something ambitious. I’m sure you’ve learned heaps, keep it up!

Thankyou everyone for the feedback, and I’ll try to follow all of your advice! Good luck to you guys too.

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it needs a lot of work in many places but still is a lot of effort was put into this. good effort.

Add samples and motion blur with dof.

i had a smile on my face watching it. even though there is plenty to learn here, i have seen a fundamental understanding of how to make actionscenes. i have seen so many shortfilms an so many of them are narcissistic and dont care about the spectator.