Film script

lots of C&C please

its an adaptatoin of (first story)

INT=interier EXT=exterier

Androcles and the Lion

INT hall evening

ANDROCLES polishes floor

                            Damn you slave, polish clockwise

MASTER whips slave

ANDROCLES walks away

                                        (Under breath)
                                       One day one day

INT Bedroom Night

the day has finaly come for ANDROCLES to escape on a stolen camel named BILL

ANDROCLES escapes through window

Cut to:
EXT Mansion Night

ANDROCLES climbs down side of mansion slips and lands on fence limbs off and out of mansion

                                No more babies for me

EXT Road night

ANDROCLES steals a camel called BILL

EXT Road morning

ANDROCLES runs out of water

EXT Desert Midday

ANDROCLES dying of first spots a 4 X stall and takes couple six packs and drinks.

EXT Desert Midday

ANDROCLES riding BILL drunk

                    Watch out Zorro is about giddy up horsy

     HEY! Bill look there a cave. Look like lion live thereshall we go scare him boo. 



               Well Bill if you are going to be rude I will go on my own.

ANDROCLES runs to cave giggling

INT Cave Midday

ANDROCLES Enters cave

                                 Hey Mr. Lion.
                 Were are you. Am going to eat you.
                              (Sings quietly)
                            Were is Mr. Lion
                  It look like Mr. Lion isn’t in.

ANDROCLES spots Mr. Lion
BOO! Ha scary you… MY GOD!! That foot is humongous thought you were Mr. Godzilla.

Short pause


                                          Mr. LION

ANDROCLES hugs lion
I love you really
MR. LION stares

ANDROCLES sees thorn in MR. LIONS foot

                       ooo Mr. Lion Has got big thorn
                             Stuck in his Godzilla foot
                Pull it out and smack my head on the rock behind me

ANDROCLES falls backwards knocked unconscious
MR. LION stares

INT cave night

Mr. Lion Stares

EXT Cave day entrance BILL eats some grass

INT Cave Day

MR. LION stares
ANDROCLES wakes up sees lion and rolls behind rock

MR. LION walks over to rock and lies down

            I must have been very drunk that’s some strong 4 x.
         What a stupid lion. I would of eaten me when I were sleeping. Well might as well stay great pillow and I can eat you when I get hungry.

3 Weeks later
INT Cave day


Well dude am going quit frankly because you’re rather dull you just sleep all day.

MR. LION rolls over

EXT cave entrance Day

ANDROCLES jumps on BILL and exits

EXT Town gate Evening

                                 You. You’re coming with me now.

GUARD drags ANDROCLES of in chains

EXT Pit Night crowd

LIONS released


Hey the stupid Lion isn’t so stupid

He is a god! Free him.
Free him. Free him. Free him

                               The slave shall be freed for he is a god, and the lion because he smells


                  And so it was ANDROCLES was freed for he was a god and the lion because he smells

why is no one replying??
and not only to this…

some typos, (narrator, governor, should have, i’m off to …) but overall a great script. It could be a really humorous tale if animated properly. I presume you’ll be blending that? :wink: I know I would. Imagine a drunk dude slobbering into a lion’s den, thinking the beast’s a pillow. Cinema at it’s finest!

edit: Also have more narrator parts, not just at the end. e.g. when he escapes from his master the narrator (who could also be parodized/funny) could go “And so our hero ventures out to the great unknown, accompanied only by his trusty camel Bill” etc etc. Oh and no-one is replying because the traditional forum really doesn’t get a lot of views and the script too long for many to read ;).

edit2: From the link you provided: “And the governor of the town, marveling at such gratitude and fidelity in a beast, decreed that both should receive their liberty.” Why not let the Lion free with the slave?

will be adding more narrator but not right now its to late

updates will be in orange text

“And so our hero ventures out to the great unknown, accompanied only by his trusty camel Bill”

he steals the camel :stuck_out_tongue:
but change lil’l bit and ill have character establishment :smiley: