film strip within animation

I’m looking for a way to map an over 1000 frame animation to a long sash shaped mesh. I need separate frames of the animation mapped and no animating of the frames on the sash shaped mesh. Is there a way to do this without having to paste each frame individually? The idea is to have the camera follow an unwinding of the sash back through the animation story that has just been told.
Here’s a frame from said project:
larger view at this site:

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I think you might be able to fake it though…

Make your sash and texture it with the movie so the texture has a repeat X of 1000 (or however many frames there are) and run the camera along it for as many frames as the movie goes for.

Blender will work out which frame of the movie to show for each frame in the final render and as the differences between successive frames are usually so subtle, no-one will notice that the frames to the left and the right are identical.

Should work as long as you don’t show a lot of frames at once on the sash.

What d’ya think?

Alternately - IrfanView has a “Create Panorama” function that you could use (with frames rendered as individual images) to create a super long graphic with all the frames of your animation.

Then you could stensil a “Film Strip” frame as a texture (with a frame and sprockets) over the top to create the film strip look.

Get Irfan View here…

Have you stopped to wonder how clear the animation will be if the filmstrip is moving across the screen and not stopping at each individual frame?

Thanks for your input. I’m running some tests to see if I can ‘fool’ the eye, as you suggested.
Unfortunately, I can’t use the program you suggested, since I don’t run Windows, only Mac and Linux and so can’t try your alternate idea.
If you have any other ideas be sure to send them along.

Here’s a test render using Ammusionist’s first suggestion. You can still see that the frames are changing. I’d prefer that they the images were different in each frame, but don’t know a non-labor intensive way to do so. If anyone has any ideas let me know. I could make the current way work. I’d have to fake folks out though using camera angles, emit setting, or light.

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What you need is a graphics program that can stitch together pictures in a panorama on the Mac. As a worshipper at the temple o’ Gates I can only suggest Irfanview, but there must be others. Perhaps Gimp can do it?

If you can render your frames as seperate pics and stitch them horizontally then the battle’s almost won!