Filmic and filmic log for baking?


I’m trying to bake a texture I relit and as it’s a white texture, the lighting is blowing at places. In photography this is a typical sign of camera with low dynamic range. I found some articles and tutorials pointing to the Filmic and Filmic Log profiles in Blender and indeed using one of them the image looks correct with no overexposed or blowing areas. But as far as I can see this is just a view setting. How do I bake more dynamic range? Can filmic and filmic log be used to bake?

Thanks in advance.

Save HDR or EXR, after that you can fix overexposure problem on Photoshop or other programs.

Thanks. So this is the only way? You need to use a work around?

Can become very time consuming if baking several textures.

And in case this workaround is the only way, what is the meaning of the filmic profiles in Blender 2.9 then? I understand under View Transform it affects the view only. But under sequencer I would have thought it affects the render outputs.