Filmic-blender for render


it is true that the resource: filmic-blender (
already installed in blender 2.90?
how do i activate?

or is it appropriate to install manually?


It has been the new default for years now. You don’t have to do anything. It’s controlled in the Color Management Panel in Render Settings
2021-01-28 19_09_45-lv5.flp - FL Studio 20

would be the option: View transform filmic?


Also used in conjunction with the “Look” value. Filmic and None tends to produce a dull image. Most people set Look to “medium high contrast”. This is if you want a “final” render straight from Blender. If you’re going to adjust the image in another program later then you can leave it set to Filmic and None and save your files out as a 32 bit format so you have maximum color information in the file that allows you to have greater flexibility when adjusting the image in photoshop (or whatever you use)